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Sara Thingvold is passionate about partnering and encouraging others toward heart renewal and servant leadership.  With her deep understanding of human behavior and her fun spirit, she helps leaders lead, at home, and at work. Benefits in working with Sara

Sara holds the following credentials: 

  • ICF ACC – Certified Executive Coach

    • Mastery, MCLC, Narrative, and Wellbeing

  •  Gottman Institute PsychoEducational Leader and Trainer 

    • Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work

    • Bringing Baby Home

  • B.A. Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Her Servant Leadership and Extreme Self Care articles are being read across the globe. Some include:
o Self Actualization - What's The Big Deal?
o Servant Leaders Lead, At Work And Home
o Repairing a Wrong is Key To Success Within Relationships - At Work And At Home 


Sara Partners with: Triune Leadership Services


Sara’s heart lives with her family. She and her husband have been married for 27 years. She is a proud retired military officer’s wife whose husband served 32 years in the Army National Guard, through two deployments.  Together they have two wonderful young adult children, one son and one daughter.

Sara began coaching as a sophomore in high school. She is an alumnus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she competed as a Division 1 Husker Volleyball player. Loves the outdoors, cooking with her husband and family, and various other activities and hobbies, especially exercising her mind, body, and spirit, being intentional about stregthening her own Servant Leadership and Extreme Self Care. 

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