Executive Coaching

Meet one-on-one with Sara

Coaching is one of the most individually tailored practices in personal and professional development.

  • Providing a confidential and professional relationship within a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment.

  • A unique opportunity that will help a leader understand their current situation, their current competencies, and learn how others perceive them.

  • Gaining greater clarity and consciously focusing throughout your day generates more energy, developing healthier relationships, and increases your performance.


Extreme Self Care

Leadership Wellbeing

  • This unique training for your organization will create a culture shift, producing significant business and relationship results.

  • Leaders will gain knowledge and understanding of where they are currently at within the essential five elements of their own wellbeing and create action steps for themselves for increased awareness and effectiveness in all five essential areas. 

  • Leaders will learn how to keep their eyes and mind open, aware of themselves and their patterns because they want to develop a healthier way of living a flourishing life.

  • When your leaders take a deeper dive and begin producing outstanding results, your organization as a whole will also begin producing outstanding results in overall performance, sales, and revenue.


Couple's & Family Coaching Training

Servant Leaders - Take Your Work and Your Marriage to the Next Level

  • Servant Leaders have a heart for strengthening their leadership at work and at home, growing personally and professionally.

  • Leaders will learn tools and techniques to increase their overall understanding of how to be living healthier lives; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • A unique and transformational experience, creating healthier and more fulfilling lives with purpose and meaning.


Managing Conflict with Courageous Conversations

Managing yourself and your professional relationships within your organization is not easy.

  • Gaining self awareness is key to managing conflict and having courageous conversations.

  • Conscious awareness of one's tone and tact is essential within crucial conversations to sustain respect and trust within personal and professional relationships.

  • A person's energy gets depleted, and their self care weakens.


Situations and Conversations:

  • Feel messy and confusing

  • Feelings, heads, and hearts are hurting

  • Performance is down

  • Revenue is slipping

Increasing in:

  • Defensiveness

  • Criticism

  • Blame

  • Contempt

  • Stonewalling

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