Servant Leadership seems easy, unfortunately, it's not. By learning and practicing it becomes easier.

Key servant leadership elements are self-awareness, self-control, and peace within your soul.

If you are a high performing leader or executive interested in enhancing your servant leader capabilities, you would greatly benefit from 1x1 coaching.



Customing your Servant Leadership Training, unique to your organization and culture, will give significant business results.

Connect with Sara, she will partner with you helping you develop your organization, building energy and relationships, professionally and personally.  

1. Servant Leadership

2. Leadership Wellbeing

Couple's & Family


Living well in both your personal and professional relationships takes learning more about oneself.


A profound and transformational experience bringing servant leadership into the fabric of your closest and most important relationships. 

1. Couples and Family Coaching

2. Couples and Family Portraits



Bring servant leadership into managing conflict within your organization, relationship(s), or family structures. This is not easy, yet, one of the most rewarding and fulfilling opportunities a person can experience. 

Benefits Of Working With Sara



Individuals within organizations are located locally, nationally, and internationally. We have the capabilities to meet and begin making a difference - personally and professionally, both within yourself and across your organziation.

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